Indosuez Wealth Management is a partner to trust if you want to delegate the everyday management of your financial assets.

Indosuez Wealth Management has a dedicated team of Discretionary Portfolio Management experts available on request from each of our offices.

We have a long history of providing these services around the world and have served some of our clients for several generations.


Investment mandates providing clarity all round

Depending on your country of residence, on your management and investment universe, we can offer different types of investment mandates to meet your needs:

  • Risk-profiled investment mandates, providing international diversified portfolios tailored to your personal risk profile;
  • Tailored investment mandates or Bespoke funds, which invest in different assets to fully meet your needs while integrating your specific constraints;
  • Themed investment mandates, such as absolute return (prudent management with capital protection over 12 months) or flexible management (combining capital protection over 5 years with a performance commitment);
  • Mandates covering specific geographical regions (Asia and Latin America, for example).

 Most of our mandates are eligible for life insurance.


Our ambition is to generate value in all market conditions

Our clients primarily want us to preserve the capital we manage on their behalf and to generate value in all market conditions. For this reason, all the portfolios we manage under discretionary mandates have an asymmetrical risk profile designed to benefit from market rallies and protect the invested assets during market downturns.

To achieve this, we have a prudent approach designed to constantly maximise returns while minimising risk. 


Strong convictions, adapted to you   

Indosuez Wealth Management has a cross-business structure with 400 investment experts working together to devise a global, worldwide investment strategy which is adopted during investment committee meetings that cover all our offices and lines of business. 

The global, worldwide strategy is then adapted to each client, taking into account their specific needs and attitude to risk. Our investment decisions are therefore based on strong convictions and are then adapted to fully integrate clients' personal requirements.


A vast, prudent investment horizon

Under a Discretionary Portfolio Management mandate, our clients' portfolios are built with a dynamic asset allocation that covers all asset classes and all geographical regions. The asset allocation includes direct investments in selected equities and bonds as well as investment funds that match our vision, chosen from within Crédit Agricole Group or the best fund managers from around the world.

Constantly committed to our prudent approach, we also use financial instruments to hedge investment risks (interest rate and currency risks). We apply a very strict risk acceptance, monitoring, and control process to all the investment vehicles we use.

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