Before you can place your trust in a wealth manager, you must be sure that you share the same investment approach.
This is Indosuez Wealth Management's approach.

Your needs come first 

Indosuez Wealth Management wants to be a trusted partner for each and every one of its clients.

To achieve this, we first ensure that our proposals are suited to your profile, in particular for investments.

So we can truly understand your profile, we always start the same way - by understanding individual goals and attitude to risk. Our wealth managers identify and understand different stages of wealth (wealth creation, consolidation, or transmission to future generations) and precise objectives (liquidity, performance, risk level, duration).  This understanding will ensure that our initial proposals suit your needs. Over time, we will use automated processes to regularly check that we are continuing to focus on this priority.
Then they will suggest you to access one of your management and investment universe we have developed to meet your needs and achieve your objectives.

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Prudence is our watchword

We have a long-term vision of your wealth. Our duty is to protect it and help it grow over time. All our experts constantly strive to preserve the assets entrusted to us. We believe prudence is an essential ingredient of the service we provide. For example, we always seek out highly liquid investment products.

The advice is always expert, independent, and ethical, tailoring balanced solutions to deliver long-term investment excellence, evaluating today’s market opportunities while anticipating tomorrow’s market evolutions. At the same time, we ensure each investment is compliant with constantly changing international regulatory environments.


Strong convictions drawn from our in-house expertise

Indosuez Wealth Management has sizeable in-house teams of investment experts. Located in 15 countries, they work together as a global team sharing convictions and building portfolios, by hand-picking the right financial instruments in each asset class.

Nearly 400 experts serve our clients. With a round-the-clock presence on the markets, they nurture their cultural proximity to clients, covering all time zones from the market opening in Asia to the close in the Americas.

Our clients can benefit from direct access to the experience, knowledge, and insights of our dedicated experts in this multi-cultural, multi-lingual team. They also have access to the multitude of market studies and research produced by our experts - an important point of entry into Indosuez's insight into the financial markets and investment solutions. 

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Personalised quality

Our global investment strategy is adjusted client by client to achieve individual goals, with solutions defined to meet personal investment criteria and enhance invested wealth.  When necessary, we can design and manage entirely customised investment products. We also offer different levels of delegation, from direct market access to discretionary portfolio management, all backed by proprietary market research and publications to guide our clients’ investment decision-making process.  


Premium solutions 

To combine the security that comes from an in-depth understanding of investment products with the opportunities available on the markets, investment is for us a balance between in-house and third-party products, systematically ensuring our own due diligence upstream and monitoring and control downstream.

We want to offer our clients a choice. In the main asset classes, regions, and currencies, we offer a hand-picked range of international and multi-domestic investment solutions that are always best-in-class and often innovative in their segment.

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Simplicity and transparency

Indosuez Wealth Management wants to offer its clients simplicity, in the positive sense of the word.

  • We only propose products that we fully understand and that we are able to monitor closely on a permanent basis.
  • We want our clients to fully understand the solutions we set up for them.
  • Over time, we provide our clients with a very clear view of their investments.
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