To protect and grow your wealth over time, Indosuez Wealth Management provides outstanding support throughout the entire investment chain, from the convictions identified in our research, to our personalised asset allocation tailored to your needs, our flexible investment approach, strict criteria for selecting diversified investment solutions, and direct access to the markets and to our specialists.
With a constant focus on our investment philosophy, based on prudence and transparency.

Strong convictions

Our convictions originate in our vision of the markets and are built by our integrated network of international experts. Our clients benefit from direct access to their experience, knowledge and insights via their individual relations as well as events and publications.

As well as our expertise, our positions are an integral part of our investment philosophy. Putting the client's interests first, prudence, the pursuit of excellence, simplicity, and transparency are the guiding principles that Indosuez Wealth Management's teams apply at all times.

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An investment strategy designed for you 

Our primary conviction is that each of our clients is different. The best investment strategy will always be the one tailored to you.

For this reason we always start the same way - by understanding individual goals and attitude to risk; our wealth managers identify and understand different stages of wealth (wealth creation, consolidation, or transmission to future generations) and precise objectives (liquidity, performance, risk level, duration).

Our investment experts use this unique approach as the starting point from which they define an appropriate short -, medium- or long-term global investment strategy, careful asset allocation and expert investment solutions.                                                                               

Choose how involved you want to be

Before finalising your investment strategy, Indosuez Wealth Management will propose different investment options depending on how much you want to be involved in your investments on a daily basis. You can choose to delegate your investment management with a Discretionary Portfolio Management mandate, to receive advice under our Advisory service, or to have direct access to the markets and investment solutions.

Whatever type of service you choose, our advice will always be expert and ethical, tailoring balanced solutions to deliver long-term investment excellence, evaluating today’s market opportunities while anticipating tomorrow’s market evolutions. At the same time, we ensure each investment is compliant with constantly changing international regulatory environments.

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A carefully selected range of premium solutions

We want to offer our clients and those who advise them the opportunity to diversify their investments. To do this, they have access to dedicated teams specialised in different asset classes such as equities, bonds, currencies and precious metals, real estate, private equity, life insurance, etc.

We also want to offer carefully selected investment vehicles. In the main asset classes, regions and currencies, we offer a premium range of international and multi-domestic investment solutions that are always best-in-class and often innovative in their segment.

The solutions we propose include proprietary and third-party products to combine the security that comes from an in-depth understanding of the assets with the opportunities available from the leading market specialists. Investment is for us a balance between in-house and third-party products, systematically ensuring our own due diligence upstream and monitoring and control downstream.

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