Credit is a wealth management tool in its own right, broadening investment opportunities.
When necessary, a team of Indosuez Wealth Management specialists is available to provide rapid, competitive financing solutions adapted to your wealth management needs.

Credit brings new opportunities

At first glance, Wealth Management does not seem to naturally extend to financing. But credit can be useful when building or diversifying our clients' assets, in particular when interest rates are low. It can allow clients to seize opportunities and also optimise certain wealth management strategies.


An effective solution in many situations

Whether you are an individual or the manager of a private investment company, our team of specialists can structure credit facilities for a wide range of purposes:

  • to benefit from financial leverage, for example, when building a portfolio of investment funds
  • to cover a temporary cash requirement, allowing you to retain your existing wealth structure without selling any assets
  • to finance or refinance real estate assets or renovation work: residential, rental or commercial (offices, retail space, hotels, etc.) property, as part of an asset acquisition or restructuring strategy
  • to finance other assets: private jets, yachts, collector's items, etc.
  • to diversify your financial assets, for example, in a single share financing deal (pledging a single line of shares to invest in a diversified portfolio).


Financing for business matters

We can also meet our clients' financing needs for corporate matters, if they are directly related to our advisory role.

We offer equity transaction financing solutions to entrepreneurs or executives (LBOs, disposals, transmission). Our credit specialists can also provide support for the issuing of guarantees (sale of business, tax sureties, rental payment guarantees, etc.).


Foreign currency loans and hedging

The credit facilities offered by Indosuez Wealth Management can be set up in the main currencies and cross-border loans are also available for multi-booked clients.

We can also assist with the use of interest rate hedging instruments when necessary.  

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