The financial strength of a major group

For Indosuez Wealth Management, being one of the members of Crédit Agricole group is a distinct asset. This is synonymous with the solid backing of a leading European bank and the privileged access to all of the strengths and expertise that go with it.

Our stakeholder structures are aligned... We are a direct subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank, the Group's corporate and investment banking arm, which in turn is owned by Crédit Agricole S.A.

Our operational structures are closely linked... Indosuez Wealth Management regularly collaborates with Crédit Agricole Group's other business divisions which all have a potential service to offer our clients.


TWENTY YEARS ALREADY                                                          

Since 1996, the year Indosuez joined Crédit Agricole Group, our single shareholder, Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (CACIB), has worked tirelessly to help develop our activities and foster greater collaboration and interaction with other business divisions. In November 2011, it created Indosuez Wealth Management, bringing together all of Crédit Agricole Group’s Wealth Management entities under one roof.

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The Group is one of the largest retail banks in Europe, as well as the number one provider of financing to the French economy and the number one insurer in France. It is also the first bancassurer in Europe, the first European asset manager and and the world’s largest green, social and sustainability bonds bookrunner. 

Serving 51 million customers worldwide, with customer focus, accountability and community support, the enduring values that have been its hallmark for 120 years. Led by its 141,000 engaged employees, the bank forges genuine partnerships with its customers.



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Serving 51 million customers worldwide, it also stands out on account of its distribution model, multi-channel customer-focused banking, and the efforts of its 141,000 employees, who make Crédit Agricole the Customer Relationship-based bank.*

As well as serving the economy, it also stands out for its dynamic and innovative corporate social responsibility policy which is based on a pragmatic approach that is shared by the entire Group and engages each employee.
Indosuez Wealth Management fully subscribes to the same premise and actively contributes to Crédit Agricole Group's "FReD" initiative projects, notably those that embody the notion of respect.

*(figures from 31 Dec. 2018)

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Built on strong cooperative foundations and led by its 10,1 million mutual shareholders of its Local and Regional Banks, Crédit Agricole’s robust organisational model gives it stability and staying power as a European group open to the wider world.



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Indosuez Wealth Management is part of the Major Clients Business Division of Crédit Agricole Group.
Headed up by Jacques Ripoll, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole SA and Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole CIB, the Corporate Clients Business Division also includes the Group's Corporate and Investment Bank (our stakeholder, Crédit Agricole CIB) and its institutional and corporate client services arm (CACEIS).
Our positioning is a natural fit given our stakeholder ties with Crédit Agricole CIB and our regular collaboration and interaction with its sister companies.



Indosuez’s global conception of its business as a Wealth Manager is one of the qualities that set it apart from its peers.
As well as our Structuring Wealth expertise and Investing Wealth solutions, we also offer clients a comprehensive range of Banking and Beyond services.
Precision banking, made-to-measure credit and philanthropic services make sure our clients benefit from the complete range of products and support they have come to expect from an establishment of our calibre.

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As one of Europe’s top banking institutions, Crédit Agricole Group makes sure its clients unlock their full potential, providing direct access to all of the expertise they need to succeed in their projects through the Regional Banks and divisions.

Today, we regularly work hand-in-hand with various Group business lines, including:

  • Corporate and Investment Banking: when searching for target companies or for buyers, and when carrying out valuations, equity transactions such as initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions between small and medium-cap companies ... As well as their dedicated experts at Indosuez Wealth Management, for all "corporate" matters, our clients can also rely on the assistance of the specialist teams at Crédit Agricole CIB and at SODICA Corporate Finance for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Lending, when looking for other resources to finance special equipment, from private jets with Crédit Agricole CIB to yachts and boats through CA Leasing and Factoring.
  • Asset Management, where our own teams can call on the specialist assistance of Amundi in creating new bespoke funds or for portfolio SRI ratings.
  • Insurance, a field in which we can count on the help of Prédica for all Life Insurance and Personal Protection Insurance matters in Europe, for example.
  • Custody, a technical domain in which we have chosen to work with CA Titres for our clients' securities services, and with Caceis as the depositary bank for our funds.
  • Real Estate, to accompany our clients looking to acquire new buildings with CA Immobilier.



Indosuez Wealth Management also collaborates closely with Crédit Agricole's 39 regional banks across France, which work with our teams on behalf of their wealthy clients. In absolute symmetry, we too consult them on a range of questions and issues. Given their unrivalled knowledge of France's local economic, social and cultural fabric, their assistance is invaluable should our clients wish to invest in a forest domain, in an exclusive property in a particular region or has an interest in acquiring vineyards. In this last domain, we also benefit from the expert advice of CA Grands Crus. Crédit Agricole's Regional Banks also work with us on certain lending solutions.

In fact, our collaboration has proven such a success that we are developing the same models across Europe, as is the case with Crédit Agricole Italia, for example.

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